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Hosted at Santa Anita Park

Who We Are . . .

Colleen McKernan is one of the founding members of The Spero Foundation. Born and raised in the Pasadena area, she now resides in Sierra Madre with her husband, Kevin Drolet. Having a wide range of volunteer opportunities in her past, Colleen felt The Spero Foundation was a perfect blend of community involvement, raising funds for specific ventures, and working with individuals in their own fund-raising efforts. Her past experience includes St. Rita PTO Board and various committees at the Parish; mentoring students at Pasadena High School; Sierra Madre Little League; Sierra Madre Community Foundation; American Cancer Society Relay for Life; Sierra Madre Civic Club; and many local and civic organizations. Colleen is co-owner of Foothill HomeCare Partners, Inc. located in Sierra Madre, and is involved in numerous organizations that revolve around the senior population.

Susan Clifton Why am I involved - after the Relay dissolved in Sierra Madre, I began to miss the camaraderie & team work that I had with the volunteer team that put on the event.  Four other ladies felt the same, we gathered to talk about working on another special event and Spero was born.  Spero is the best of both worlds for me.....helping others and re-connecting with friends. It is about developing relationships and giving back.  It is about the hope we each have that what we are doing will make a difference. Spero was formed so we could have more control over raising money for causes that mean a lot for us and directing the money to stay locally.  Our passion is to help fight cancer, support research & programs and be ready to support smaller causes as they present themselves.  We also feel very strongly about building bridges with other organizations or companies thru volunteering our time & talents to them. 

Heidi Hartman is a mother of three, a gramma, wife, friend, special education teacher and part time professor. Spero fills my heart. It creates friendships and memories that make life meaningful. Community volunteerism is giving back and supporting when I can, especially for those who can't. I spent the first 14 years of my life growing up in Sierra Madre, then in Atlanta, and back to Sierra Madre with my children to a safe and caring community. I got involved with Relay For Life on an invitation from a special friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000. Her desire to fight and not let it take her down, the diagnosis of another friend, a SPERO original, and my mom's cancer diagnosis, made me join her in her battle. My friend lost her battle but thankfully others survived. The bravery and the fight that these women exhibited makes me want to work harder to let others know that HOPE is here to support them, be it financially, or through personal support.

Theresa Ryan

Leslie Coumans

Linda Knowles has 30+ years of professional experience includes, management of Orthopaedic private practice, staff development, facility development and outpatient patient care. In her role as practice manager she had developed and implemented many new employee-training programs and is constantly seeking new ways to promote high quality patient care and continuous improvement. Outside the medical practice, Linda enjoys spending time with her husband and adult children. As a family they enjoy the outdoors, skiing, hiking, and fishing. One of her greatest pastimes is reading a good book while relaxing either in the Sierra Nevada or the Southern California Sunshine. As a cancer survivor, Linda understands the anxiety involved with and believes that small acts of kindness can make a big difference for people going through a tough experience, such as cancer. She has a desire to bring hope and compassion to both the patient and the family members as they start on this journey. Linda also feels that giving back to a community by supporting local school programs, out-reach organizations, community projects, individuals and food service programs are just a few ways she can give back and make a difference.

Donna Madsen is a Southern California native.  She became a member of the Spero Foundation in 2012 to assist with Public Relations.  It has been an enjoyable experience helping with activities that will support and aid groups and individuals not as fortunate. She looks forward to her continued involvement with the group to promote all Spero causes. Donna had a long career in telecommunications and upon retiring started a new career in the fashion industry.  Donna is an avid reader and is in two book clubs.  She enjoys gardening, cooking, travel, and volunteering for Spero!  Donna is a proud Mom of one son who recently graduated from college and is now employed at a software company as a project manager.  And also is the proud Mom of a 10 year old Maltese, Gina!

Diane Hatfield was born and raised in Pasadena and joined the Spero Foundation in 2012 assisting with their Website Design. She volunteers her time with the various fundraisers Spero has each year to provide "Hope" to those within the community. She has been involved in numerous Philanthropic organizations and enjoys the sense of fulfillment she receives in supporting and helping those in need. In 2004 after 12 years in the insurance industry she found herself changing careers and entered the world of Real Estate. When not selling Real Estate she enjoys spending her free time skiing, walking, hiking, and riding on the back of her husband's Harley motorcycle.

Teresa Chaure joined the Spero Foundation in 2012 and assists in volunteer development.  Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Teresa Immigrated to the United States with her family in the late 1960's and grew up in Pasadena.  Teresa has been an active volunteer in the community since the age of 12, and continues to be involved in various organizations, both locally in Sierra Madre and in neighboring Pasadena.  Considering herself a Pasadena "native" it was Teresa's dream to one day be a "White Suiter" and she proudly joined the Pasadena Tournament of Roses in 2000, currently serving as a vice-chair.  Teresa is also an active volunteer at Huntington Memorial Hospital, where her mother worked for over 25 years and is honored in their employee memorial garden.  Having lost her mother to colon cancer in 2002, Teresa appreciated the support her mother and family received throughout and is now focused on providing others the same support.   Professionally, she is the office manager for an orthopaedic practice in Pasadena. Teresa is also the proud mother of an adult son living in Nevada, and in her spare time enjoys crafts, reading, cooking and spending time with her little Chihuahua, Peanut.