The Spero Foundation

Thank You

 to all who supported and participated in this
year's event. 

Donations to this cause 
can still be made

Your Generosity "is"
The Spero Foundation

Hosted at Santa Anita Park

The Spero Foundation, established in December 2008, is a non-profit corporation founded by committed and dedicated professionals from our community.

What greater gift is there than the gift of giving to a neighbor, a friend and/or an entire community? Our local hospital, cancer treatment and research center, food banks, and countless individuals, have benefited greatly from Spero's efforts and focused energy targeting these causes that are making a difference.

The passion of our team: giving, organizing, and creating is the fuel behind
The Spero Foundation.

Our belief is that we all need to have HOPE. How did SPERO get started? Five friends with a common friend whose tragedy pulled us together with passion, desire, and the ability to draw together people and find resources to help others. When our participation as a group had been put on hold for two years, we decided as a group to get back together and start to make a difference again. All of us who have been touched by cancer knew we have the ability to make something spectacular happen for this community. We decided that we could support others by providing financial, physical and emotional support to those in need and make a commitment to making a difference in the lives of those in our foothill community. We sat in a backyard and decided that SPERO, Latin for HOPE, is what we want to provide for our extended community. We are enthusiastic, we are big thinkers, we sincerely care about people, we think we can handle anything and we will give it a good try!