The Spero Foundation

Thank You

 to all who supported and participated in this
year's event. 

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can still be made

Your Generosity "is"
The Spero Foundation

Hosted at Santa Anita Park

is a program of art classes that challenges the creativity and imagination of first-through fifth-grade students from Sierra Madre Elementary School with projects that meet the California State Visual and Performing Arts Framework as well as the Science Framework and the Common Core. The classes are primarily ceramic based and each grade level builds on the skills learned in the previous years. Creative Arts Group thanks The Spero Foundation for partnering to positively influence the lives of our children and be a driving force for the arts in Sierra Madre.

Cathy Imhoff (ImaginArt instructor), Leslie Coumans, Colleen McKernan, Heidi Hartman (Spero Board members), Kristin Naran (Director of Creative Arts Group), and Jan Eriksson (Chairman of the Board, Creative Arts Group).